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At YMedical Associates, we work hard to ease the clinical and administrative burdens for physicians. Our experienced clinical and reimbursement team will give you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Our technology, here for you.

With YMedical, your patient’s care plan and treatment details are secure and accessible wherever, and whenever, you have online access. Our software is flexible to meet the needs of you and your patients.

Our experts, here for you.

YMedical Associates has been caring for patients with complex medical conditions for over 30 years. Our clinical team has over 50 years of combined specialty experience and is committed to patient safety, clinical excellence, and will keep you informed on your patient’s therapy in real-time.

Easy referral access

Financial assistance for your patients

Highest quality of care

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Please give us a call at (800) 447-7558 if you're having difficulty using our referral forms.


What can YMedical do for me?

At YMedical, our patient assistance and clinical teams have more than 50 years of experience in caring for patients with complicated health conditions.

You can ensure exceptional care is provided with our accredited pharmacies, board certified pharmacists and 24/7 clinical support.

We work hard to ease the clinical and administrative burdens placed on physicians. Our experienced reimbursement team will give you the freedom to focus your time where it will make the most impact – with your patients.

Finding my YMedical representative

Reach out to us here. Your YMedical representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Medication and Treatments provided by YMedical

YMedical is a leader in specialty infusion services for patients with complex chronic conditions. You can find our medication forms here.

If you don’t see the treatment you are looking for, give us a call. We will see how we can help. Contact us here.


Finding a Medication Form

Our referral forms are available online or through your YMedical representative. You can find our medication forms here.

We are happy to assist

You can call our headquarters at 800.447.7558. We are glad to help. 

Patient Testimonials

 William H.

William H.

IVIG therapy

"YMedical is an exceptional company! I have been with them for three years now and I have the best nurse and clinical team on my side. I’m extremely satisfied."

Jamie J.

Jamie J.

Cimzia therapy

"The therapy has been a miracle for me! I am so grateful they are just a phone call away."

Richard T.

Richard T.

Factor therapy

"YMedical has been great! I have only good things to say – they are empathetic and knowledgeable. My pharmacist is professional and the whole team is efficient. They respond quickly to my needs."

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