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Our Team Approach

At YMedical Infusion Center we provide a team approach with a group of professionals to work directly with each client and their physician to ensure individualized care. All clients receive their infusion in the comfort of a private suite with a team of nurses and pharmacist overseeing the care during each visit.

Tailored to You

A personalized plan of treatment is developed for each client to meet their ongoing needs with input from the interdisciplinary team including the prescribing physician. This team approach results in optimal client outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Your Treatment

YMA team reaches out to patient to discuss financial responsibility, pharmacy assessment is done via phone, nurse will then speak to patient via phone to discuss orders received and also let them know the expectation regarding timeframe of infusion based on the orders.


We also discuss whether they will need to bring someone with them on the day of the visit. We also let them know that they will have a private room in the event they want to rest, watch TV or if they have any work obligations they can plan on working during the infusion.

Instructions given on how to prepare for treatment

We will let them know that prior to each infusion they will need to hydrate and if there are any pre-infusion orders we will prepare them accordingly.

During treatment

We inform patients that during their infusion they will be closely monitored by RN with vital signs being taken at intervals and we also obtain a complete assessment with the focus on their disease process and treatment. We also let them know that in most cases, they will have an opportunity to rest quietly or work in a private setting during treatment.

After the treatment

Contact phone numbers are given to patients for any side effects or adverse reactions to report. We make sure they know when to seek immediate medical attention and when to call our pharmacy/nursing. We also do a 24 hour post infusion phone call to all patients and send a follow up report to physician.

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